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Resource Links

Resource Links

Many of the following links are to websites that link to a plethora of resources under general headings. For example, the Virtual Library: International Affairs website links to media resources, governmental and non-governmental organizations, hot topics in the field, sites specific to countries and regions of the world, etc. Enjoy!

Electronic Resource Links

International Relations Journals & Magazines
Journals, Newspapers, Magazines
Political Science Electronic Resources
Virtual Library: Social Science Electronic Journals

General Resource Links

Dictionary of the Social Sciences
Government Websites
Political Science Think Tanks
Political Science Websites
Ultimate Political Science Links
Virtual Library: International Affairs

Media Resource Links

Media Resources
News Outlets
Political Science News Resources

Professional Organization Links

Academy of Political Science
American Political Science Association
British International Studies Association
Canadian Political Science Association
International Association for Political Science Students
International Political Science Association
International Studies Association
Midwest Political Science Association
Northeastern Political Science Association
Pacific Northwest Political Science Association
Southern Political Science Association
Western Political Science Association

Publication Outlets for Undergraduates

Critique: A Worldwide Student Journal of Politics
Global Perspectives
Michigan Journal of Political Science
Northwestern Journal of International Affairs
Orator Undergraduate Journal of Political Science
Pi Sigma Alpha Undergraduate Journal of Politics
Yale Journal of Political Theory

Statistical/Data Resource Links

A Veritable Wealth of Free Data
Freedom in the World
Index of Economic Freedom
Index of Environmental Performance
Index of Environmental Sustainability
Index of Environmental Vulnerability
Index of Globalization
Foreign and International Economics Statistics
Foreign Government Statistics
Political Science Statistical Resources
Social Science Data on the Net
Social Science Data Laboratory
World Development Indicators

Style Manual Resource Links

American Political Science Association (APSA - Wisconsin)
American Psychological Association (APA - Wisconsin)
American Psychological Association (APA - Purdue)
Chicago Manual (CMA - Wisconsin)
Citation Machine for Style
Modern Language Association (MLA - Purdue)

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