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The Midwest Political Science Undergraduate Research Conference brings students together from midwestern colleges and universities to present and discuss their research in a professional environment. The conference applauds the research efforts of students and the commitment of faculty to broaden traditional classroom learning and illustrate how research enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

While the overarching objective is to underscore the research efforts of students the conference also seeks to facilitate additional objectives including:

  • advancing mentoring activities between students and faculty sponsors
  • facilitating the intellectual development of students
  • fostering the active exchange of informed ideas
  • assisting students in their preparation for graduate or professional school
  • providing a public forum for practicing presentation skills and receiving constructive feedback

Paper proposals from both individual and joint authors are acceptable. All student paper proposals must be sponsored by a faculty member from the associated college or university. The conference follows the traditional chair/presenters/discussant panel structure with faculty sponsors serving as chairs and discussants. The conference is also open to undergraduate students and faculty who do not have a formal role to play in the proceedings but would like to attend and participate in the discussions.

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