September BOR 2014 Report Final.pdf


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  1. Encouraged all student organizations to send liaisons to senate meetings (September)

  2. Seek updates and feedback from students who serve on institutional committees (Ongoing)

  3. Redesigned the senate website (October)

  4. Send a weekly senate update so that students receive accurate and timely information (Ongoing)

  1. Facilitated voter registration (September)

  2. Encouraged students to vote in the presidential election (October)

  3. Succeeded in getting an on-campus voting site (October)

  4. Promote the newly-added social aspect of the Honor Code (September)

  5. Host the Faculty/Staff/Advisor awards and appreciation day (Upcoming)

  6. Encouraged school spirit by providing new students with a Wartburg Bucket List at the fall involvement fair (September)

  7. Hosted Outfly (October)

  1. Better articulate the role of Senate’s Diversity Committee (Ongoing)

  2. Support and promote the events of other student organizations (Ongoing)

  1. Partnered with the Bookstore to provide new students with Bookstore water bottle coupons (September)

  2. Participated in the Sustainability Day forum (October)

  1. Paired new senators with experienced senators to provide them with a mentor relationship and ease their transition into senate (September)

  2. Hold senate committees accountable to their goals (Ongoing)

  3. Hold monthly cabinet meetings so that more senators have leadership input (Ongoing)

  4. Provided senators with a senate handbook and an improved senate orientation experience so that they can be more effective in their role (September)

  1. Partnered with the Sustainability Office to install four water bottle filling stations in the Student Center, Science Center, Library, and Luther Hall (May)

  2. Advocated for the importance of first-year residence hall improvements to the Board of Regents and President Colson (May & October)

  1. Allocated about $32,500 to student organizations for the 2012-13 school year (March 2012)

  2. Approved Knight Time Motion as a student organization

  3. Fund the activities of student organizations and students through supplemental funding ($7,050 as of 10/30/12)

  1. I.Communicate and collaborate      

  2. II. Support organizations, athletic teams, and students

  3. III. Advocate for and engage in residence hall and campus improvements

  4. IV. Empower student leaders

  5. V. Promote sustainability

  6. VI. Increase commitment to diversity

  7. VII. Foster community engagement and civic responsibility


Our Key Initiatives for 2014-15: