September BOR 2014 Report Final.pdf


To comment on these initiatives or to give suggestions,

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  1. Advocate for improvements to Clinton Hall, Vollmer Hall, Hebron Hall, Centennial Hall, and the Manors complex. These buildings are aging very quickly and have lost their ability to provide comfortable living to students

  2. Brainstorm and implement useful hall improvement projects in all of the residence halls

  3. Investigate the possibility of outsourcing campus laundry to improve the on-campus laundry facilities

  1. Facilitated voter registration (September)

  2. Encouraged students to vote in the presidential election (October)

  3. Succeeded in getting an on-campus voting site (October)

  4. Promote the newly-added social aspect of the Honor Code (September)

  5. Host the Faculty/Staff/Advisor awards and appreciation day (Upcoming)

  6. Encouraged school spirit by providing new students with a Wartburg Bucket List at the fall involvement fair (September)

  7. Hosted Outfly (October)

  1. Better articulate the role of Senate’s Diversity Committee (Ongoing)

  2. Support and promote the events of other student organizations (Ongoing)

  1. Partnered with the Bookstore to provide new students with Bookstore water bottle coupons (September)

  2. Participated in the Sustainability Day forum (October)

  1. Send out surveys to the student body regarding what they would like to see for Outfly.

  2. S

  3. Hold senate committees accountable to their goals (Ongoing)

  4. Hold monthly cabinet meetings so that more senators have leadership input (Ongoing)

  5. Provided senators with a senate handbook and an improved senate orientation experience so that they can be more effective in their role (September)

  1. Encourage senators and other student leaders to actively attend campus events events

  2. Award money to groups that apply for supplemental and allocation funds so that they can be successful.

  3. Partner with other student leaders for Senate events like Outfly

  4. Participate actively in Homecoming and encourage other organizations to do so

  1. Encourage clearer and more timely information regarding the release of tuition and fees

  2. Meet regularly with members of the administration to relay student concerns and make sure the appropriate information is getting to students

  3. Fill student spots on institutional committees so student’s have an active voice

  1. I.Improve Student Living Situation     

  2. II. Increase institutional transparency

  3. III. Advocate for Co-curricular support of organizations

  4. IV. Utilize student feedback and input

  5. V. Empower the senators

  6. VI. Make proactive and innovative steps regarding diversit


Our Key Initiatives for 2014-15: